About Us

“Hatch Australia was founded in 2021 by two passionate mamas following the birth of their precious baby girls.”

Our Story

Premium Garments for Toddlers

Hatch was born out of the desire to source premium quality linen apparel for their little ones. With one co-founder residing in Melbourne, and the other in Penang, they overcame sleep regressions, teething & time zone differences to create classic, premium garments for their little ones.



Satisfied customers worldwide and growing

Our Collection

All of our products are designed in Australia and responsibly manufactured in China. We have stockists and distributors worldwide.

They have been designed and created with love and care, resulting in a piece that is breathable and
gentle on your little ones skin, bringing a touch of luxury to daily basics.

Our Goal

To create beautiful, breathable pieces that bring a touch of luxury to daily basics

We have curated our range of clothing to natural and quality pieces that are allergy-friendly so they can be used daily with confidence by other mamas for their precious ones.

To all Parents

Nothing makes us happier than seeing your family & friends using Hatch
Australia. We are so excited to tag along on your little one’s explorations,
adventures & travel all around the world.